Customer Testimonials

Nam Heong Old Town White Coffee
  • At first I thought this kind of program was only suitable for restaurants and eateries. I never knew it would suit mobile business like ours so perfectly. It really helped us to streamline our operation and it’s the reason behind our booming business.
         Mr XXX, Executive Director

Bangkok Station Restaurant

  • Genius did not only had me surprised with how it turned my business around, with its many useful and convenient features, but it also allowed us to understand our clients requirements better.
         Mr XXX, CEO

Talk Talk!

  • I am in love with this software, really! As you know most of our servers are not used to handle apps and softwares and I laboured through my business for many years assuming conventional is the only way to run my business. I never thought that my staffs now are all cheering me for introducing Genius into Talk Talk! Well done!
         Mr XXX, Executive Director

Fresh Food Court

  • Genius has made our sales operation more effective and much faster, minimizing error and customers’ waiting time. It has improved our staffs’ performances and so I do not have to hire that many to run my plus-size food court!
          Mr XXX, Business Owner

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