Introduction To Website

Genius POS welcomes you to a world of possibilities. We are here to prove to you that there is indeed an amazing yet affordable way to streamline your restaurant business just as you would have hoped. Genius, like name like nature, offers smart POS software solutions which contains business specific features such as manage orders, customizable table layouts, real time report, transaction listing, track inventory, employees performance, customer relationship management and so much more, all now made so easy that you’d not believe that all these great things are happening to you.

So many restaurants, cafes, hawker centres, quickserve food trucks, and famous franchise brands are now users of Genius POS systems and are benefitting immensely from it. Genius saves you time and effort, lets you trim away therough edges in your operations and lets you understand your customers’ preference and spending nature one step better. So why wait? Download a free trial today and experience the real power at your fingertips.