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Genius POS  Get the most superb and powerful point-of-sale restaurant software that is made to turn your business operations into a breeze. We have a proud history of corporate relationship and established clientele that prove we are number one. 

Empower your restaurant with the most easy-to-use user-friendly point-of-sale system. Genius POS System will help your quick-serve diner, franchise, food court, or even food truck to grow and reach unimaginable new heights. Genius POS will achieve this by ironing out your business operations, letting you expand your influence, and solve various issues and problems related to your day-to-day business operations. 

Go far beyond what you would expect from a standard restaurant point-of-sale system. Genius is not just pleasing to your eyes but it is a powerful POS system that is developed to advance your business. That is our aim. 

Why Genius Pos ?

Easy Installation & Setup

Genius is made to be incredibly user friendly. It provides an easy to use interface for operations. With only a few steps you will be done and ready to go. No fuss!


Genius is the most cost-effective POS solution available in the market. That is both in short term and long run. Enjoy all of the amazing functions described at only the price of a cash register, with no additional monthly charges.

Get Only What You Need

We won’t stuff your package with things you already have or don’t need. What you will receive is all you need to be up and running immediately. Less hardware means fewer problems. All you will need are printers, cash drawers, and a wireless router. And iPads of course.

Simple But Powerful

Genius carries only important features. The features are designed to solve all of your point-of-sale problems while they are easy to use. We are sure that you will love the clean and elegant look and feel of our interface design. It is the perfect way to show your professionalism to those with an eye for beauty! It is simply Genius, but friendly.

Genius is a Standalone 

Genius works fine by itself, without a personal computer, server or internet. Wifi is all you needed. So simple!

Genius runs on iOS

The famed stability of “I” platform offers you peace of mind with zero downtime, and its friendly features spell easy upgrades and updates.

Which category of restaurant is suitable for Genius Pos

Who is using us?

Nam Heong Old Town White Coffee

At first I thought this kind of program was only suitable for restaurants and eateries. I never knew it would suit mobile business like ours so perfectly. It really helped us to streamline our operation and it’s the reason behind our booming business.

     Mr XXX, Executive Director

Bangkok Station Restaurant

Genius did not only had me surprised with how it turned my business around, with its many useful and convenient features, but it also allowed us to understand our clients requirements better.

     Mr XXX, CEO

Talk Talk!

I am in love with this software, really! As you know most of our servers are not used to handle apps and softwares and I laboured through my business for many years assuming conventional is the only way to run my business. I never thought that my staffs now are all cheering me for introducing Genius into Talk Talk! Well done!

     Mr XXX, Managing Director

Fresh Food Court

Genius has made our sales operation more effective and much faster, minimizing error and customers’ waiting time. It has improved our staffs’ performances and so I do not have to hire that many to run my plus-size food court!

     Mr XXX, Business Owner

Genius Pos served more than 300 customer in 1 year